Carrying on the Conversation


A message from one of our Fulcrum team members, Edrienne Chan:

As a traveling crew member on Fulcrum Media’s AUDL live broadcasting team, during the same weekend of our first live-broadcasted game in DC, I had the unique opportunity to connect with the DC women’s ultimate community and was able to capture some awesome content and footage of the DC women’s combine.  It was so great to get a feel of the DC ultimate scene and to be able to hear from many voices that may not usually be heard.

It is our hope that this video gives you a little taste of what we are hoping is more to come.  My vision is to continue the Equity Through Visibility project headed up by Callie Mah by using my traveling schedule for the AUDL season to strategically seize the opportunities to increase women’s coverage and content (along with Luke Johnson and the rest of our crew) by reaching out to the respective women’s ultimate communities.

The first part of our Equity Through Visibility project was an amazing way to pave the way to more women’s coverage.  Thank you so so much to everyone who has donated to the cause, from the bottom of my heart.  We’ve made many dazzling highlight reels that showcase some of the best of women in ultimate, provided viewing-access to many high-level games from 2016 USAU Club National Tournament, and as well as player features that have in the past been seldom provided for the women of our sport.  However, this second part of the project would dig deeper into what our sport is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the empowering and inspiring emotion that all of the highlight reels instill, but to me it’s important that we also provide coverage of the aspects of our community and sport that make it unique.  I think one of the ways of promoting gender equity is to not only celebrate the glamorous parts of women in ultimate, but to also show what goes on behind those big plays on the big stage at the end of the season.

At Fulcrum Media, we are committed to setting an example for what equitable coverage and content creation should look like, and it really shouldn’t stop with the snazzy, jaw-dropping videos with base drops that coincide with layout d’s or catches.  We want to dig deeper, to give you more of women in ultimate.  That’s where gender equity begins.  That’s where equity is and there’s so much more work to do.

– Edrienne Chan

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Her Take | DC Women’s Combine


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