Equity Through Visibility: Update #4

We are so close to wrapping up the Team Sizzle Reel portion of our project. We truly appreciate the support we have received from our community and we wouldn’t be here without it.

We have received over $4,400 dollars so far from you and we are so grateful. That money will cover the entire Team Sizzle Reel collection. This is so special because, once finished, every team that played in the women’s division of Nationals will have a video that showcases an unforgettable weekend at the Club Championships. We want to thank all of you that made that possible.

We still have more work to do! We have 30 games that can be remastered to include a scoreboard and replays from alternate angles. We want to create an easily accessible resource for teams across the country. With this library of games the youth division will have more players to look up to, college teams will have plenty of footage to study from, and coaches will have a variety of strategies to comb through. We talk about growing our sport, let’s provide resources to grow competition.

The Full Game library will take close to $2,600 to complete. Please consider contributing what you can. If you are unable to make a donation, we understand, go ahead and throw us a like or share our posts if you can. Thanks for your support!!

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