Equity Through Visibility: Update #1

Wowie! We’ve received over $1,000 in contributions from our peers in just a couple of days! With that, we are now able to direct our resources to producing Team Sizzle reels and continue our Top 10 series. As we continue to receive more contributions, we will be able to start producing the full game library and completing our Starting 7 series and Standout Player reels.

We still need your help. It will take $12,000 in order to fund the entire project. We understand that that’s a large number so we want to break it down for you…

  • $4,000 –> 30 full game library with scoreboard & alternate angle replay
  • $4,000 –> 16 Team Sizzle reels (1 reel per team at Nationals)
  • $3,000 –> 20 Standout Player reels (at least 1 reel per team at Nationals)
  • $1,500 –> 10 reels in our Top 10 series (hucks, breakmark throws, skies, etc.)
  • $1,000 –> 4 reels in our Starting 7 series (1st & 2nd Teams, rookies, veterans)

This is the best case scenario! All of those reels will be a part of an enormous and accessible library of elite women’s ultimate footage. We would love to be able to create all of the reels listed above! Please consider contributing what you can to this project.

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